Church of the Holy Faith

Phone: 505-920-2300
Contact: Ashley Margetson
Email: [email protected]


New Brunswick Bible Institue

Phone: 506-375-9000
Contact: Beth McMahon
Email[email protected]

Redwood Christian Park

Phone: 831-338-2134 (church)
Contact: Sharon Fry
Email: [email protected]

Bay Presbyterian Church

Phone:  239-498-9055(church)
Contact: Robin Peck
Email: [email protected]

Grace Community Church

Phone:  928-774-8091(church)
Contact: Leslie Crawley
Email: [email protected]

Calvary Chapel Of Upland

Phone: 909-931-3286 (church)
Contact: Jeannette Walls
Email: [email protected]

Portage Alliance Church

Phone: 1-204-239-1112 (church)
Contact: Laura Falk
Emailh[email protected]